In his own words, Christopher Hendrix, former Oklahoma County jail trustee

My name is Christopher Hendrix and I thank God for my deliverance. By deliverance I don’t only mean from physical bondage, but also spiritual bondage.

In 2010 I was sentenced to 74 years in prison. I was never suppose to see the outside world as a free man again. But the devil is a liar. We serve a God that will meet you in your mess, and for me, he did just that. I had an encounter with Him through Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries.

While in the Oklahoma County Jail I went to the chaplain’s office where I got a chance to hear God speak through a person that took time to put someone else above themself. The broken, down trodden, depressed, alone; that was me. When God spoke through the chaplain I felt His love and I got saved and I mean for real saved in my heart, not my head or just my mouth. It was a big thing for me, because when I made that decision something changed in me that day.

Once I got to prison, I continued to serve the Lord in many different ways, and even became the pastor for the Wednesday and Sunday services.  After about eight years I started feeling prompted to go to the law library and address things in my case. Problem was that I was not a lawyer, however I knew I knew one, Jesus. So, I began to research and write briefs, all the time, all the time physically touching the paper and praying “Lord you know I’m not a lawyer.”

After sending a brief in that I had prepared I continued to yet serve and follow God’s directions, not focusing on the brief, and one day I was talking to God and said “Lord if you never physically bring me out of this place, I’m gonna serve you regardless, no turning back, because I love you.

Within four months I received a letter from the court that said there was an error in my case and I was going back to court. Long story short, I am free today. Not because I’m so great, but whom the Son set free is free indeed. God Bless you.

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