In the words of Jimmy Ezell former inmate at Oklahoma County Detention Center

Here O God my righteous pleas of repentance, please give ear to my prayer as it does not rise from deceitful lips; O God do not rebuke me in your anger nor discipline me in your wrath; please, please be merciful to me, heal me dear God from my addictions and from making wrong choices. I am worn out from groaning all night long. I flood my pillow with weeping, my jail cell mates are pleading with me nightly and daily to stop crying and making noises.  As I continue to drench my bed with tears.

I’m a fool, now in jail, I was a gigalo, a drunkard, a dope fiend, “Lord I now want you!” to give me a new life! A new freedom and the knowledge to do the calling you have so many, many times asked of me.

Deliver me dear God! Give me relief from my ruined past, please make me NEW! Bestow new glory on me, for in my dreams I realize what you are asking of me. Now God help me to do your blessing! I pray for more patience, for You said I am cut off from your sight. Yet You heard my cry’s for mercy and when I called to you for help for in my NEW SPIRIT you hear and see no deceit.  My new times are in your hands; deliver me from my old and new enemies and from those who pursue to imprison me. For in my NEW SPIRIT. You hear no and see no deceit in me.  The Lord God heard me and he answered me. And dear God when I learn that someone is hurting, help me know what to do God and what to say God. Speak to my heart God and give me compassion God. God let your calling of me flow through the NEW ME forever dear God. And the Lord heard me and he has answered me … Thank you God and until I see you face to face.


Attention: What are you willing to do , dear reader, so that the people you know and don’t know, will go to Heaven? Is anyone going to be in Heaven because of you? Will anyone in Heaven be able to say to you, or me” I want to thank you”  or I’m here because you cared enough to share God’s blessing’s with me. Your place of worship, your church must keep reaching out. You see the same kids standing on the same corners. You see the same houses in the same old conditions that they were in while you where growing up, you see the same parks in the same condition and after school programs cut or cut off” Why can’t we do some positive things for our communities? Matthew 28: 19-20

Dear God I am NEW JIMMY I want to serve you with my heart, my body, God use me in Your service

Right now God help me! Help me to do your Blessing! Amen

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In the words of Sherrie Johnston, former inmate at Oklahoma County Detention Center

              As I sit in my cell preparing to go back to prison for the second time since being saved and born again in Oklahoma County Detention Center 10 years ago.  I read my bible and receive the gift of peace that only Jesus Christ can give.

              My story is common among many of us as I struggled with alcoholism and addiction for most of my life.  With the help of Jesus I have been delivered from the desire to use drugs or alcohol.

I did not completely sever all old ties I had among the people I knew who used.  I was riding in a car with a person who was in possession of drugs and I received a charge with them.  In 2 Corinthians 12:8-10 God tells Paul where he is weak, God is strong.  I can absolutely relate to this because I think I might have been getting a little puffed up about my victories.  James 4:8 reminds me to keep my focus on God and to take this blessing of incarceration to draw close to God and He will draw close to me.

God rescue me from taking another downward spiral by my associations.  Roman 8:28.  As well as encouraging me (Philippians 1:6) because I know my future is bright by the Grace of God.

I plan to use this time to let God refine me like silver and burn off the chaff so that my life and testimony will be all for His Glory.

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The Up Side of You

Poem by “Dia Cook”

I have been someone I would never be, denial lingers, covering the ugliness growing.

So rapidly my reflections showed me only who I wanted to see as the poison took over, I no longer cared that it was dulling all that shinned in me.

You can feel yourself fading from all sides and at the same time the hollowness empties you inside.

This sin comes to you in many disguise cause your always naive to this dark master of yes.

He chews up your confidence, while swallowing your pride.

Until your just a pawn in his game along for a sick ride.

When all the sudden without notice it swallowed you up and swept you away into a world of madness.

Where there is no difference between night and day.

This pure evilness destroys steadily with no delays, but know that once its had a taste of you its relentless—it fights to stay.

When your body is withered and your spirit is frayed.

Hope is not lost for your chance to escape starts today.

You’ll know when your times has come to have your chance cause you’ll feel your heart flutter and your soul start to dance.

So don’t worry you might have missed it, you’ll know when it’s your chance.

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In his own words, Christopher Hendrix, former Oklahoma County jail trustee

My name is Christopher Hendrix and I thank God for my deliverance. By deliverance I don’t only mean from physical bondage, but also spiritual bondage.

In 2010 I was sentenced to 74 years in prison. I was never suppose to see the outside world as a free man again. But the devil is a liar. We serve a God that will meet you in your mess, and for me, he did just that. I had an encounter with Him through Oklahoma Jail & Prison Ministries.

While in the Oklahoma County Jail I went to the chaplain’s office where I got a chance to hear God speak through a person that took time to put someone else above themself. The broken, down trodden, depressed, alone; that was me. When God spoke through the chaplain I felt His love and I got saved and I mean for real saved in my heart, not my head or just my mouth. It was a big thing for me, because when I made that decision something changed in me that day.

Once I got to prison, I continued to serve the Lord in many different ways, and even became the pastor for the Wednesday and Sunday services.  After about eight years I started feeling prompted to go to the law library and address things in my case. Problem was that I was not a lawyer, however I knew I knew one, Jesus. So, I began to research and write briefs, all the time, all the time physically touching the paper and praying “Lord you know I’m not a lawyer.”

After sending a brief in that I had prepared I continued to yet serve and follow God’s directions, not focusing on the brief, and one day I was talking to God and said “Lord if you never physically bring me out of this place, I’m gonna serve you regardless, no turning back, because I love you.

Within four months I received a letter from the court that said there was an error in my case and I was going back to court. Long story short, I am free today. Not because I’m so great, but whom the Son set free is free indeed. God Bless you.

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