The Up Side of You

Poem by “Dia Cook”

I have been someone I would never be, denial lingers, covering the ugliness growing.

So rapidly my reflections showed me only who I wanted to see as the poison took over, I no longer cared that it was dulling all that shinned in me.

You can feel yourself fading from all sides and at the same time the hollowness empties you inside.

This sin comes to you in many disguise cause your always naive to this dark master of yes.

He chews up your confidence, while swallowing your pride.

Until your just a pawn in his game along for a sick ride.

When all the sudden without notice it swallowed you up and swept you away into a world of madness.

Where there is no difference between night and day.

This pure evilness destroys steadily with no delays, but know that once its had a taste of you its relentless—it fights to stay.

When your body is withered and your spirit is frayed.

Hope is not lost for your chance to escape starts today.

You’ll know when your times has come to have your chance cause you’ll feel your heart flutter and your soul start to dance.

So don’t worry you might have missed it, you’ll know when it’s your chance.

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